Strategic Planning

Creative approaches to tackle your most pressing challenges

Expert Guidance

Skilled consultants to help you achieve your goals

Risk Management

Identification and mitigation of potential risks to business

Strategic Planning

Creative approaches to tackle your most pressing challenges

Expert Guidance

Skilled consultants to help you achieve your goals

Risk Management

Identification and mitigation of potential risks to business

The overriding of tax and consulting are to help individuals attain competent and responsive tax services and to help small business work towards a mode of sustained financial growth.

About our President & CEO

Jessica I. Marschall, CPA

President & CEO

Jessica Marschall has over 21 years of accounting, audit, and tax experience, including experience at a large public accounting firm, internal audit at a national bank, university Research Assistant and scholarly article co-author. Her tax and accounting engagements are geared towards individuals and small businesses.

Why Use a CPA?

As CPAs, years of experience as accountants have exposed us to various business and tax structures, industries as well as individual tax concerns. 

We possess a robust knowledge base in areas including: best-practices for efficient hiring, expense controls, profit maximization, internal controls, tax planning strategies, financial risk, debt vs. equity expansions, business entity determination and changes, latest changes in state and federal tax laws, advice when working with financial advisors, optimal asset acquisition, lease accounting and other relevant individual and small business financial concerns. 

At MAS LLC, the goal is to provide accounting and tax guidance and services similar in quality to those found within a large CPA accounting firm but with the attention to detail and responsive communication only found within a small practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We contract with our clients using flat-rate billing per project or per month. This encourages our clients to reach out with questions and for better collaboration without watching the clock for billing charges.
Yes, we provide tax preparation services for our clients if they need a CPA-level team. This is typically for clients with tax situations including:
  • Partnerships, S Corps, or Schedule Cs
  • Real Estate investments and holdings on Schedule Es
  • Foreign income
  • Complex investment income
  • Non-cash charitable contributions
  • Corporate tax returns
We do our best work when we work with our clients on a year-round basis. We are not a CPA team that only connects with clients during tax deadlines.
We provide select bookkeeping services for clients using our team for tax advisory services.
Small businesses often have need of a Controller or CFO in operations but lack the budget for a full-time position. Outsourcing a firm like ours enables a company to tap into the services of a knowledgeable financial team without the expense or commitment of a full-time position.
  • Monthly financial statement review, ratio analysis, trend identification, and budgeting
  • Business financial and tax planning including entity classifications
  • Forecasting and measurement
  • Feasibility studies including asset evaluations, hiring decisions, and investment and financing alternatives
  • Valuation services, including 409As for 83(b) elections
  • Tax preparation services
Our team can provide a single evaluation and tax planning engagement or can maintain a contract with a client for years. The contracts are always flexible, and services can be added or deleted as needed. Just like our clients, we have a busy practice and only contract what we identify will best help the client.
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Marschall Accounting Services

Our Team Includes A Group Of Accounting Professionals Providing Large-Firm

Marschall Advisory Services

Small Businesses Often Need Services That Determine The Economic Value Of A Business.

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