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Valuation, Estimates, and Calculation Services

Small businesses often need services that determine the economic value of a business. Value conclusions are often needed when buying or selling a business, financial planning, filing an 83(b) election with the associated 409A valuation, resolving corporate disputes, tax or estate planning, raising capital through investors, or asset valuations.

There are three general approaches to value:

The Income Approach— Determining The Present Value Of Future Economic Cash Flows Through Either The Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method Or The Capitalization Of Earnings Method.

Market-based Approach— valuing a business based upon sales of similar types of businesses that were studied and documented in the market. The two general approaches include the Comparable Transactions Method or the Guideline Public Company Method. 

Asset-based Approach— this approach determines the value of both tangible and intangible assets as well as liabilities using either the Adjusted Net Asset Method and the Liquidation Method. 

Valuations, Estimates, and Calculations

Our firm provides valuations, estimates and calculations based upon the intended use of the valuation. 

Business Valuation

A business valuation provides a conclusion of value considering all standardized approaches and methodologies with a larger workload and broader scope, higher cost, more staff time and is in accordance with SSVS and adequate to substantiate IRS defined Fair Market Value.

Business Calculation

A business calculation considers all agreed upon standardized approaches and methodologies and has a narrower scope and typically has lower costs and less staff time, but is generally not adequate to substantiate IRS defined Fair Market Value. Estimates and calculations provide significant information for internal uses.

Business Estimate

Business estimates and forecasts can be tailored to the business owner or management’s needs and vary by engagement in staff time and costs. 

At MAS LLC, the goal is to provide accounting and tax guidance and services similar in quality to those found within a large CPA accounting firm but with the attention to detail and responsive communication only found within a small practice. 

We only provide services to small businesses.